High Edser
Old Chair
Sitting Room

Accessability Statement

High Edser is in the village of Ewhurst four miles from Cranleigh. It is 400metres from a bus route.

The house is accessed from a large gravel drive with a 2cms step into the front door – the porch and hall are uneven flagstones with rugs.. There is a downstairs toilet and study for B&B's use.

The flagstoned dining room is accessed through the sitting room up a step of 3.5".

The doors throughout the house are 29" x 30' in width unless stated otherwise needs to be added please.

There is one double en suite with shower room and a double with bathroom both situated on the first floor up a narrow carpeted staircase the first step being 12.5" with nine more steps with a low beam at the top of the stairs. The ensuite room is accessed by a 10" step and the door is 29" width and 24" high.

The double bedroom has a wooden floor with a rug and has a basin in the room.

The bathroom is carpeted with two low beams at the entrance height 24" and width 28". The bath is 29" x 67" height 24". The loo is 16.5" high and basin 33" high.

How to find us

Contact Carol:

+44 (0)1483 278214

+44 (0)7775 865125